After London, Then Florida

after I successfuly remote speaking on OWASP Summit 2017 event in London, I’ve got an email from Kate Hurtman (OWASP official). She give me a special invitations to attend in AppSec event 2017 on this September.
but I wanna say many thank you to any reference that give me support or guidance to finishing the project. They are:

  1. Mr. Irawan Afrianto, and Girindro Pringgodigdo as my lecture who gave the idea for this project, also guidance how to writing well. (Actually the project is just an edited thesis)
  2. Bang Dimas Satrio who has taught me so much about Laravel. (Although the project is using laravel, naturally, it has never been studied.) Sorry sorry dim: D)
  3. Master Yahya Fadhlulloh Al-Fatih and Master Habibie Faried who never bored sharing and teach me science of their security.
  4. Mang Nanang Eka Cahya who already support this project.


Little bit confused between happy or sad. Happy for my project has been accepted for OWASP and sad about the cost to going through. But I am quite happy with the news of this invitation. Hopefully it can be useful and improve the enthusiasm for my friends who want to learn the world of infosec through OWASP.

Keep spirit.



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